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Normally I don’t write reviews but I must say Anand Eye Centre has experienced doctors to consult as they suggested me proper treatment of Glucoma. Because I have survive the sight threatening condition of the eye. If I do not take treatment with in a time it can damage the eye’s optic nerve. All surgeons are helpful and full cooperative in Anand Eye Centre.



I wanted to take this time to thank each and every one of you at the Anand Eye Centre. Your heartfelt kindness and care that has been shown to me will never be forgotten. You and your team provide a level of excelence that is rarely seen in today’s society. I am grateful to have such wonderful experience.



I visited the Anand Eye Centre as my daughter’s eye was bleeding due to an injury. I was straight away taken to doctors. Medicine, Care, Prescription given before even I could utter a word. Am I really on the same PLANET? you guys rock! GOD BLESS!”.