Advanced Cataract Solution

How does the eye function normally?


The light is refracted by the cornea and the normal lens and gets focused on the retina. This enables us to see clearly.

What is Cataract?

Cataract is the opacification of the crystalline lens of the eye. The lens is a transparent structure whose transparency may be disturbed due to degenerative process. This may lead to opacification of the lens fibres and this development of opacity in the lens is known as cataract.

The opacity of the lens scatters the light and prevents it from focusing light on the retina and hence causes blurring of vision.

Why does Cataract Form?

What are the factors affecting Cataract formation?

How do I know that I have developed Cataract? What are its Symptoms?

Is there any medicine to prevent or cure cataract?

Why should I get Cataract Surgery done?

When should I go for Cataract Surgery?

What should I expect during Surgery?

What is Phacoemulsification?

How is the Phacoemulsification Performed?

What is Cold Phaco?

What are the different types of IOLs available and what should I choose?

What are the problems one encounters with intraocular Lens? How long do the IOLs last?

Will I need glasses after Cataract Surgery?

Will I get good vision after Cataract Surgery?

What are the surgical options to treat Cataract?

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Can Cataract Recur?

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