Faq Ocular Prosthesis services

What is ocular Prosthesis?

Is Artificial eye & Ocular Prosthesis same?

Can one see with the artificial eye?

Who requires Artificial eye ?

What are the types of Artificial eye ?

What is Cosmetic shell ?

How it is different from Artificial eye ?

What is the difference between Stock eye & Custom made artificial eye?

Is the ocular prosthesis same in appearance as the normal eye?

Will this eye move like a normal eye ?

Is Ocular prosthesis permanently fixed in the eye ?

How frequently it has to be removed?

What is the material of Ocular Prosthesis?

What is the procedure of getting Ocular Prosthesis?

How much time the complete process takes?

Can Artificial eye be fitted in all deformed eyes?

What are the options in case of limited space in socket?

What is Spectacle Prosthesis ?

What is patch Prosthesis?

What is Socket Repair?

What is the procedure of socket repair?

How much time it takes for the Socket space to be formed?

When can I get Ocular prosthesis made after Socket repair.

What is the cause of Slipping out of Artificial eye from the socket?

Can it be corrected?