Faq Lasik

What is LASIK?

LASIK is an acronym for “Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis”. It involves reshaping of the cornea to get rid of spectacles.

How does it work?

In myopia, (the most refractive error  treated with laser) the parallel rays of light are focused in front of the retina (part of the concerned with perception of image) i.e. the eye has a higher refractive power. This is corrected in laser by decreasing the refractive power of cornea (which is the major refractive surface).

How safe is LASIK for Indian Eyes?

The scientific studies throughout the world have confirmed the safety of Lasik in myopia as high as 12 dioptres. The same is true for Indian eyes. The procedure as such is simple but requires a careful evalution. The complications are more frequent in myopia of higher grades.

What are the chances of weakening of cornea?

The Lasik laser involves ablation of corneal tissue decreasing its thickness. The studies have shown that no damage to structural integrity of cornea occurs if a residual thickness of 250 microns or more is left. The Lasik is not done in individuals whose cornea is thin.

Can I get rid of my spectacles?

Yes, if you are above 21 years of age, your spectacle number is constant form last two years, and your corneal thickness is sufficient to allow ablation.

What if I an wearing contact lenses?

You can undergo Lasik surgery after 4 weeks of stopping use of contact lenses.

What are my chances of spectacle free life?

The chances of your getting rid of glasses depend on degree of myopia. There is almost total freedom from glasses in lesser degrees of myopia (up to 10 dioptres). In higher degrees of myopia, it may not be feasible to correct the refractive error fully.

Is the procedure painful?

No. The laser is done after anaesthetizing the eye with eye drops. You may experience a pressure sensation but no pain.

What are the postoperative precautions?

you will have to use eye drops for about 4 weeks. It is advisable not to splash water on your open eye or rubbing it for at least 2 weeks.The dusty conditions are avoided for the same duration. There is no restriction in reading, bathing, watching TV or eating any type of food. You may have to use lubricating eye drops for a longer duration.