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Discovery of special stem cells in the eye could lead to better treatments for blindness

Scientists at the University of Southampton have discovered that a region on the front surface of the eye harbours special stem cells that could treat blinding eye conditions.

This part of the eye is called the ‘corneal limbus’ and is a narrow gap lying between the transparent cornea and white sclera.

The research, published in PLOS ONE, showed that stem cells can be cultured from the corneal limbus in vitro. Under the correct culture conditions, these cells could be directed to behave like the cells needed to see light – photoreceptor cells.

The loss of photoreceptors cells causes irreversible blindness and researchers hope that this discovery could lead to new treatments for conditions such as age related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the developed world which ...


Cases of conjunctivitis increase with high humidity

Kanpur: With climbing stickiness and variety in temperature, instances of eye influenza, regularly known as conjunctivitis, have expanded in the city. Specialists proposed that however the sickness is not a pandemic, yet individuals ought to take after some preventive measures to keep the infectious contamination under control.

Influenza infection spreads for the most part from individual to individual through hacking or wheezing by individuals contaminated with flu. Now and then individuals get to be tainted by touching a debased surface and after that touching their mouth or nose.

Dr. RC Gupta, head of ophthalmology office GSVM medicinal school said that conjunctivitis is an infectious respiratory ailment brought on by flu infection, which is ordinarily found in creating nations...


Rare eye infection with conjunctivitis

NAVI MUMBAI: The storm is connected with a more prominent rate of viral conjunctivitis. In the not so distant future, a comparable however uncommon eye disease called microsporidiosis, brought on by a parasite called microsporidia, has likewise been perceived by specialists in the city.

Frequently mixed up for viral conjunctivitis due to regular side effects, for example, redness, watering, blurry vision, distress in the eye and affectability to light, microsporidiosis is here and there treated wrongly on account of the outward similitude.

Aryan Bhatia (12) had such an experience.

“When I experienced red eyes, I went to my nearby specialist; when my eyes did not indicate change, my general professional alluded me to Dr Vandana Jain at Advanced Eye Hospital,” he said...