Anand Eye Centre


Anand Eye Centre and Laser Services, Aligarh, is one of the leading specialty eye care centre. It is headed by medical director Dr. Anand Mohan Agarwal, a renowned ophthalmic surgeon who pioneered Phacoemulsification Cataract surgery in Aligarh in2002 and later for the first time started Micro Incision cataract surgery.

AEC is among the oldest eye hospitals in the city. It is strategically located at a premium location on Ramghat Road and is easily accessible to all parts of the town and also caters to the patients from adjacent townships and periphery.

The hospital uses the cutting edge technology of phacoemulsification with foldable lens implant for cataract surgeries. We have the latest generation phaco-machines . In most cases it is a no-injection, no-stich, no-pad surgery leading to very quick visual recovery, rehabilitation, resulting in “walk in walk out” cataract surgery.

Focus is on high safety standards , quality and Expertise in what we do. This is accomplished by detailed data tracking and skilled clinical and administrative team.

The centre is empanelled with ECHS, BSNL, Tata Chemical ltd. all health insurance companies offering services to various national and international organisations. The centre attracts patients from all over the country and abroad.